Working Trials: La Crème de la Crème of Dog Sports

What is Working Trials?

?Dating back to the early 1920’s when the Association of Sheep, Police and Army Dog Society organised their first event, Working Trials was basically designed to test the ability of working dogs.

?Today Working Trials is the civilian equivalent of Police Dog work. The following sections are required to be trained to the highest standard and tested at a Trial:

?Heelwork (on and off lead) no vocal commands or hand signals may be given. The dog must stay by your side in all paces and in all directions and sit when the handler halts.

?Sit and Down Stays out of sight of 2 minutes and 10 minutes duration respectively

?Nosework – must retrieve at least four articles by smell from a 25 yard search square

?Agility – Clear jump 3 foot, long jump 9 feet, and scale 6 feet, all under the control of the handler

?Formal Recall with present and finish. The dog recalls from a sit stay position and sits in front of the owner, returning to heel on command.

?Dumbell Retrieve with present and finish. The dog should retrieve a dumbbell thrown by the handler and hold it until hander is instructed to take it.

?Send-away – this is where your dog is required on command to run in a straight line to a designated spot on command and wait there until released (advanced sendaways require redirections left and right)

?As you get to higher stakes in Working Trials other elements are brought in such as Tracking, your dog must follow a track laid by human scent, steadiness to gunshot pursuit and detention and speak.


?As with all Barking Mad Rickmansworth training we make it FUN FUN FUN!!!

?To us we are training our dogs to do certain things, to the dog each element should be fun and perceived as a game!

That is how we get to where we want to be!

?Working Trials is true Teamwork and involves so many fun elements that you and your dog can learn to progress in together. 

? Working Trials is open to all breeds of dog no matter what breed or size. Your relationship with your dog will be amazing.?

?Fancy joining us? The next Monthly Working Trials Club is meeting Saturday 26th August at 12:30pm with Mark

Come and take the challenge!!! There is no other dog sport like it!!

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