Trick Dog Training, Clicker & Platform Workshops

trick dog training
Trick Dog Training

Come and learn some fun tricks with your dog. Trick dog training really engages your dog’s mind and gives them a thorough mental workout.  We start with simple target exercises using the handlers hand or a touch stick, and then move on to  explore moves using handlers body as well as props. You will be introduced to barrel racing and weaving to name a few tricks. Trick dog training work will progress by exploring the use of targets and platforms. Dog trick possibilities are endless and only limited by handler imagination. Trick dog training benefits from both clicker training and platform work. The clicker, when timed correctly can help ‘mark’ very small movements offered by your dog.  Accuracy is improved and often training speed is increased and moves proofed.

Clicker Dog Training

An introductory workshop to the clicker dog training. Covering clicker dog training theory basics, charging your dog for the clicker, timing and some beginners clicker training exercises practicing timing and shaping. Some dogs require more than just physical exercise and clicker dog training is great mental exercise for them. More advanced clicker work would cover ‘free time’ which really works a dogs brain, asking your dog to use its own imagination and offer behaviours.

Platform Training

Learn the art of platform training. Your dog will start by learning to recognise and stand on a platform. Platform dog training can be used for target & distance work, dog positions, accuracy and it is great for trick dog training.

Platform training…can help with :

Shaping exercises

Trick training 

Teaching your dog nice tight heelwork positions and transitions between positions (great for rally work and those that want to improve their heel work and obedience skills)


Using a platform helps provide clarity and understanding for your dog…building relationships, Low impact – fab for rehabilitation and recovery and excellent exercise that can be done in the house during cold wet days!

Teach your dog to work both sides of you and in fact to work anywhere around your body

great relationship builder, allows for precision and fine tuning,

Reduces the need for luring so dog reads body signals better and learns quickly 

Great fun – why wouldn’t you? 

Please find our events calendar here to see what dog training workshops we have coming up!