Flyball Club

dog flyball

Doberdayz Flyball Club with our new professional Flyball instructor, Kim Sermon, of the very successful professional Flyball Team, Lightening Strikes, will be running fun sessions once a month. Come and have fun and learn how to teach your dog to Flyball.

Saturdays (once a month), 12 noon to 1pm £10 per session

Our Flyball Club is a fun team sport for dogs.  They race against another team over a course of jumps to bring back a tennis ball from a box. Teams are a maximum of 6 dogs of which 4 race at any one time. This exciting sport first started in America and is now all over the world.

Our sport is run by the BFA (British Flyball Association) in Britain.
The most important elements to flyball are that you have fun with your dog and have fun within the team. Team work is a big part of flyball. Dogs should be fit and healthy as it is an active, fast paced sport.  Any dog can take part in flyball regardless of height or breed.  Rescue dogs are always welcome and flyball can really help their confidence around other dogs and provides quality bonding time with the owner.  At our club we have many rescue dogs coming from Dogs Trust, DBARC, RSPCA, Many Tears and Valgrays Rescue.