Dog Daycare

If you are out at work all day and are concerned about your dogs, we can take care of them for you at CCE daycare.

We provide care for your dog similar to that for a child in nursery. He or she will have individual care and attention for the whole of his or her stay. Plus two walks and playtime with staff or other dogs during the visit. We can pick your dog up in the morning and drop him or her back home in the evening. Complete peace of mind and a wonderful solution for you. All dogs are exercised and taken care of in our wonderful 16 acre countryside facility in Chorleywood. There is no need for your dog to leave our premises. There is plenty of room for dogs to run and play without going out in public.

Daycare is available on an hourly, half day and whole day basis. Starting at £27 + VAT per day for one dog, and £40 + VAT for 2 dogs from the same household.

Please note that our pick up and drop off service is only available in certain areas so please call to enquire.

To learn more about our other dog services please click here.


For those who lead busy lives, work fulltime or simply wish to progress their dog’s training or have a problem,  we will be offering Bespoke Training with our instructors Annie & Simon, for our daycare dogs. If you are struggling with an element of training, whether it be recall, loose lead walking, retrieves or anything else that is causing you trouble , they will work with your dog whilst it is in daycare. You will be invited along to the final session and you will work with your dog under instruction so that you can understand how to get the best out of your dog and you will also be provided with a school report for the days your dog is training with Simon.  Simply book your sessions when you book your dog into daycare!

Simon joins Annie to offer behaviour advice for any of those sticky or anti social problems you may have with your dog that is making your life difficult, such as aggressive behaviour, barking, chasing, pulling on the lead, jumping up etc to name but a few.  We are here to help.
£60 per session (usually one hour) or £300 if you book and pay in advance for 6 sessions.

This is just a few of the exciting courses and classes which Simon will be offering.  Watch out for more details of upcoming classes and workshops on our website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.