Dog Fit Diary – Working with Distraction.

So today we all went for a walk to Chorleywood , all the dogs passed other dogs on leads, heavy traffic, lorries rolling passed and lots and lots of shoppers and commuters hustling and bustling pass. Our dogs did so well, not so much as a half bark , they were all happy and focused on their handlers. We then upped the distraction by all 6 dogs walking down the underpass and up onto the train platform and whilst all in the sit and focused waited for the Tube to arrive. 

TFL would be proud as it rolled in on time, passengers came on and off and the train left. The dogs all remained in the sit calmly. It was fab especially as 3 dogs had never been so close to a train before. We drew lots of admiring looks and some passengers came over and spoke to us. On our way back we stopped outside a Care Home and one of the residents came up and spoke at length to Denise and Jinny. He was a dog lover but could no longer have a dog as he was in a care home and thought our group was lovely. It made his day.

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