Dog Fit, A Group Dog Walk with a Little Training Thrown In

We had a Successfull first DogFit session despite the weather. There are no fair weather dog handlers at Doberdayz 🙂 Everyone wrapped up warm, put on their waterproofs and braved the rain. Thank you all for supporting us on this fun new dog training course.

These group dog walks run every Monday and are only £10 a session. Keep fit in the nicest way possible, with your favourite Canine companion. The walks are held in and around Chorleywood, Hertfordshire. Let us lead you over the beautiful Chorleywood countryside in a 90 minute walk which will include a little dog training and dog socialisation. It’s a wonderful way to spend a Monday morning.

Please get in touch if keeping fit with your dog is something you would like to try. And well done to all those who joined us, see you next week for round 2!


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