Daycare Developments

?We are very excited to announce plans for updating and improving our daycare centre. We are privileged to have 16 beautiful secluded acres of land in the Chorleywood Countryside which is the perfect place for any dog to spend their days playing. We have lots of plans to enhance our premises and make them even more exciting and fun.

?Improvements include a brand new search area which will be specifically fenced and set up with lots of different exciting objects for our dogs to climb over and under, allowing them to explore to their hearts’ content. This type of interaction will be far more satisfying for your dogs and will tire them much more quickly than a run round the field, although they do of course love to do this too!!!!

?We are also building a ball pit, dog trampoline, tunnels and sandpits in a new play area, for the dogs to enjoy with our daycare team. Together with the paddling pools, and all the toys we already have available, this promises to be another very exciting area for the dogs to play in.

?All of these activities will make a visit to Doberdayz Daycare even better than it already is and of course as we all know, mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise for all our dogs’ wellbeing.

? We will also be installing a new “dog wash” which will make it easier to clean up some of our hairier friends.

?‍? Our Daycare team receive regular training to ensure they are able to handle the dogs easily and professionally and that the dogs in their care enjoy the best possible environment whilst they are with us.

? With all these improvements in mind Emma Rapp and Sara-Jane Larner recently attended the two day Open Paw Seminar hosted by the National Animal Welfare trust on 27-28 July at which guest speakers Kelly Gorham Dunbar and Clare Williams spoke about creating a calm, happy environment for all dogs whilst in kennels or a rescue facility. Whilst some of the content was not relevant to us as a daycare centre, we thought this would be an interesting seminar for the girls to attend to see if there were any hints or tips that we could bring back to Daycare. Sara and Emma did pick up some tips and hints on how to enhance our facility however we were happy to discover, that most of their recommendations are already implemented in Daycare?

? Do look out for the pictures of our new improved Daycare facilities on our Facebook page, which if you haven’t already please like and share!!

 ? Don’t forget that if you recommend a friend to our Daycare centre who then goes on to use our services you will earn yourself a free daycare day or a voucher to use for any other of our services so get recommending!

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