‘ASBO’ Dogs (Growlers) Workshop

Growlers (ASBO Dogs) Workshop

Do you have a dog or do you know of a friend or family member who  has a dog that is a growler and barker towards other dogs?
It can be very frustrating, embarrassing or down right annoying. Often the owners simply give up as there are so few opportunities or clubs to take them to try and help them. A Behaviourist can often cost several hundred pounds.
Doberdayz can offer the chance for these dogs to be assessed and to be slowly exposed to other dogs in a safe and controlled environment as we create a learning environment for them. At Doberdayz we understand that the growl/bark is just the symptom we need to address the emotion that drives this behaviour.

  • Suitable for all breeds
  • Dog to dog ‘aggression’
  • Learn how to read your dog’s body language
  • Learn to empathise with how your dog may feel
  • Learn how to manage your dog’s personality
  • Learn how to focus your dog on you
  • Start to bring the fun back into your dog’s training
  • Be in a group of like minded owners, share ideas and concerns

Duration: 2 hours
Cost is £50