Dedicated kids train their dogs in the rain ☔️ Junior Dog Handler

Junior Dog Handler Training

The hardy gang at KidsClub braved the elements on Saturday to practice their junior dog handler training skills in chilly Chorleywood.

Molly and her Beagle puppy Bailey battled  the flooded lanes and highways from Watford to get to training. Adam and his Border Collie Jake travelled from Hemel Hempstead to ensure they made their fortnightly training session. Having taken a couple of weeks off over Christmas both children and dogs could be forgiven for being less than enthusiastic.  But everyone was in high spirits and raring to go.

After a warming round of heelwork to get us going Adam and Molly persuaded their dogs to perform impressive recall exercises.

The children have been working very hard on developing their relationship with their dogs and this was fantastic to see during this exercise.

Both dogs are immature males, but their focus on their young handlers was fabulous to watch.

Working on the sit/stay command has been a gradual process, keeping both kids and dogs calm has been a challenge in itself! However Adam and Jake made this look effortless this week. Adam was able to leave his Border Collie using the stay command. Molly and Bailey the baby Beagle worked a short distance away. Both handlers have worked a great deal on the focus they get from their dogs and this is becoming increasingly obvious.

The picture below shows both handlers and dogs weaving through bowls of food. No mean feat considering the bowls contained chicken livers. Both dogs performed this brilliantly and gave the children an opportunity to work on the ‘leave it’ command. The dogs did leave it, which we were ALL relieved about! We celebrated by revising our trick routines. Both dogs are now spinning, twisting and weaving through legs. Adam and Jake spent a great deal of their time giggling too! Didn’t our junior dog handler Jake do well!

Both children are working towards a achieving their Bronze Star award.

junior dog handler

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